Closing Down

Sad news: I'm going to be closing this site down shortly.

Since the almost four years that it was created, this site's technical underpinnings have become obsolete. It looks like it would require a full rewrite to replace them, and I can't currently justify that effort.

I created this site to replace an earlier out-of-date NSCoderNight website. I hoped that I could help both rejuvenate my local chapter, in San Francisco, and provide a resource for the NSCoderNight chapters around the world.

Unfortunately, the San Francisco chapter continued its decline in attendance, and is not currently meeting.

And to my surprise, I found that most of the other NSCoderNight chapters, the vast majority, already self-organize just fine through, and don't really need this site.

I'll be keeping the Twitter account open, in case that's helpful to anyone.

It's too bad this site didn't work out, but I wish everyone the best with their local chapters!

March 29, 2020, by Andrew Pontious